Saturday, 8 October 2011

Dream Chasers

Valerina Castella
- I'm Drawing One Of These For Most Characters-  

For years us Dream Chasers have been hunted down by the Tenries, malicious people who killed us for one reason. Fear. And all we done was ran. But all that will soon change, my name is Valerina Castella, and I am one of the few remaining Dream Chasers. It is my job to get into people dreams and stop them from seeing the future. Did you ever get that Deja Vu feeling? It means that one of the Dream Chasers got killed while sorting your dreams out. The Tenries believe that what we are doing is evil, oh how wrong are they. My future has been read when I was born, I am the one who will stand up against the Tenries with only a handful of friends, I am the one who will save many innocent people from reading the future and dying, I am a Dream Chaser, and it's time for my dreams to come true.

20:45 Friday 13th October 2011 London
'Today was meant to be unlucky' I mumbled to myself while getting ready to sort someone's dream out. It was much easier to just look at the little pot o spirit I had attached to my necklace and whisper 'erase' which meant that dreams wouldn't show up for the night, but i was only allowed to use this in emergencies, a.k.a never. Every Dream Chaser had a list of people they had to visit every night, and it got longer when chasers died, and shorter as more came to existence. You can't be made a chaser, you have to be born one, so the list is pretty long most of the time. The only advantage is that Chasers get to live forever... that's if they dont get killed by the Tenries. When you reach the age you want in human years you get to stop growing and getting older. Only that you cant change that afterwards. I'm officially 21 tomorrow but I've decided to stop growing as a 19 year old. Everything's much more fun that way. I glanced at the numbered list and whined '65 people in one night, meaning that I will only get around 6 hours of sleep if im lucky, not cool.' I glanced at the pot o spirit willingly but rejected the idea as soon as it came up. 'Bad Valerina bad' laughed Vincent Vasiliev.

Vincent or VV as I called him sometimes isn't exactly normal either. He is a Chaser and a teleporter. Kinda half, half if you know what I mean. He will stay immortal and he can move from one place to another. But he is not allowed to control peoples dreams, he got rejected from every Chaser community around the world, which is pretty depressing. VV is simply a reject. No one wants to talk to him, look at him, hell they won't breathe the same oxygen as him in the same room, except for me since we're dating. He has black hair that covers half of his face and bright blue eyes, he dresses emo but that's okay cause so do I in a way. His parents died when he was 10 so he was pretty lonely for the past 9 years, until I found him getting told to jump of a cliff and die by my community council. That's when I took him under my wing, and we got on so much since then that...well... you'll see.

'So who are we visiting today?' asked Vincent hugging me from behind. 'A lot of boring people, a banker, school teacher, and some builders.' Vincent rolled his eyes, 'can't you just skip them, we could go hang out at the movies or go get something to eat?' he collapsed on the sofa and started throwing the tv remote into the air with one hand and catching it with the other. 'Because, its my job and i get paid heavy money for it to fund us both' I answered grabbing at the remote. 'Then get a normal job like me'
'You dont have a job'
'I do now'
'That place down the street'
'You know..'
'I dont'
'Mhm yeah'
'I love you'
'Wish i could say the same' VV teleported and hugged me from behind whispering 'don't be mad at me'
'I'm Not'
'You are'
'I will be in a second'
'You should be' We teleported into the first persons dream on my list. 'Right' I stumbled around the place till I regained my balance fully, it would still take me some time to get used to teleportations. Vincent looked around the little room covered in swirls of pink, purple, green, and blue. 'What does the grey mean again?' he asked curiously. 'It means that the Tenries are opening a portal of their own, why do you ask?'
'I think you should see for yourself' I turned around and saw VV backing away really slowly from swirls of grey and the occasional black, cursing I put my hand on the side of the room and started mumbling something about money and riches. The a white oval started forming in the middle of the grey portal. 3 seconds I thought to myself just 3 seconds. A net appeared out of nowhere heading my way and behind it stood two Tenries hand out stretched. Their grey masks reflecting pink and blue swirls. They have already been hunting, their spotless white suits were covered in blue blood, Dream Chaser blood. Split second before the net entwined its cobweb arms around me Vincent grabbed my waist and we were in the middle of a town somewhere in Dublin, Ireland. Another portal opened up, much faster this time and soon the Tenries  stepped out, there was no point in teleporting all over the world, they would just follow so I done the only thing I could think of. Run. We ran into a town centre, Vincent matching my pace exactly. 'You do this on purpose don't you?' I said trying to keep myself from panicking. 'Do what?' he asked bluntly. 'Run at the same pace as me to show that you have your mighty manliness and that I run slowly.' VV laughed 'So you'll be okay if I run faster and Leave you alone?'
'Actually no stay then I can die with someone I like' He smiled at me and we both crashed into a walking couple. The Tenries have caught up and more were now making their way. We couldn't run anymore.

The guy started shouting for us to watch out when we are running and stuff but I blocked him out trying to think of what to do. I had a sword in each boot for close combat, but that would mean giving the Tenrie hunters the advantage of getting closer. This was not good. One of the Tenries snuck up from behind and grabbed the girl, the guy shut up and we all watched as the girl turned into a cat slipping out the Tenrie's hands. Puzzled he looked down just as a fire ball hit him, we turned to see the guy smiling to himself while holding another fire ball ready to throw. I pulled out the swords from my boots filling them with the spirits of dead dreams, Vincent flickered out and in holding a flame thrower. 'My names Aquila and that's Dragona' said the girl a human once more. 'Im Valerina and that's Vincent' I said. 'Hey fellow freaks' answered VV. 'Don't be rude' I shouted at him. 'By the way you owe us drinks' muttered Dragona throwing more fire balls at the incoming Tenries making them scream in pain as they dropped to the floor burned and blistering. I cut into the Tenries the dead dreams flooding into the bodies, making the Tenries gag, choke and finally get their soul soaked up into the dead dreams feeding the hungry spirits making them want more death. Aquila pushed most Tenries away using the wind, sometimes making them fly about a bit before they crashed into buildings, cars or each other. Meanwhile Vincent took most of them out from the back using flame throwers, baseball bats and anything else he could find in military bases or sports shops. This was going to be some interesting friendship. 'I new this was meant to be an unlucky day' I muttered.


While I wrote this I was like

It should explain all, plus I started dancing half way through and I looked a bit like this ...

I have nothing else to say for myself.


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