Sunday, 4 September 2011

Art Project

Wow I Haven't Visited Blogland In Such A Long Time - Evil Art Courses - And Now I Feel Like I Have Ditched You All So For My Ending Art Project I Want To Draw Your Main OC, And Then Stick It On A Big Wooden Board For People To See. I Will Also Write A 2 to 6 Sentence Paragraph To Describe That Character And Owner ... This Might Be Really Hard Since I Have So Much To Say About All Of You So I Might Need Your Help To Sum Yourself Up And Your Character :)

So The Drawings Will Be A Little Like This.. I Might Draw A Girl Group One And A Boy Group One Aswell But Thats If I Have The Time To. The Drawings Will Be Put Around The Thing That Linked Us All Together ( Look Below) And Maybe A Sketch Of Derek..... - Goes Of Into la la land-
Soooo I Basically Need To Know If You Would Like Your OC Drawn And If There Is Any Specific Position You Would Like It In - Full Body, With Another OC Blah Blah Blah .. And Thats It.
And I Am Really Sorry If I Get The Detail Wrong... I Cant Just Climb Into Your Imagination And See What You Imagine Your OC As. I Wish I Could Then This Would Be Much Easier .. But I Like A Challenge So Bring It On.

OC's To Do
Octa's OC + Kallista's OC + Quinn's OC (Together 4 Eva)
Quinn's OC
Venice's OC
Ayesha's OC
Gepard's OC

 OC's Finished

Aquila's OC
Lilith's OC
Nicol's OC
Dragona's OC 
Kallista's OC

(i have taken the pictures of the old ones off because my computer took forever to load but im still going to put the newer ones up)

^^ And Thats The List. I'll Update It As I Go. Time To Get My Pencil Ready XD

Flo Or You Can Call Me Black Instead :)