Thursday, 30 June 2011

Arguments -.-"

As so many of you might have noticed, there have been many arguments lately. One of the reasons why I have been neglecting the blog lately. So i thought of something some of you will find funny and some of you will find inspirational, in a weird way. It might sort some arguments out, or make them worse...i dont know but if you dont want to be like these two then yeah ...

Skulduggery Pleasant Has Competition

Skulduggery Pleasant - SP
Jack Skellington - JS
Valkyrie Cain - Val
Sally - Sally :)

SP - I'm the greatest living skeleton on this planet!!!!

JS - ...ERM no, I am the greatest living skeleton on this planet!!!!

SP- PFFT - I'm way better than you

JS - You drive a yellow car

SP - and a purple one AND a Bentley

JS - You live in an old mansion that could collapse at any moment

SP - you live in a tree ...

JS - Im taller

SP - I'm 400 years old

JS - I don't need a partner

SP - I don't need a wife

JS - I'm more popular

SP - You LIVE in a TREE

JS - My best friend is the president

SP - I save the world every day

JS - I saved christmas

SP - You ruined it

JS - My skull is a nicer shape

SP - The size of a football?

JS - I'm better *looks smug*

SP - I have a revolver

JS - O_O

Val - Common lets go

Sally - Jack you just made Skulduggery's ego even bigger -.-"

JS - sorry

SP - Yeah you should be, CAUSE I'm the greatest living skeleton on this planet!!!!

- Fin -

Yeah it was fun writing that :)


p.s Im still writing the story kal i haven't forgotten :)