Thursday, 5 May 2011

Just a few quick pictures for kallista im writing my post about the winner :0

So I have been writing and drawing and here are a few of the drawings i just couldn't wait to show you guys :)


  1. The angel's my favourite one. :)

  2. same :) it looks better in life though the scan is really bad :/

    AWESOME Flo! Your talent is AMAZING!
    I don't know which one is my favorite...
    I love the angle one....but I like th eswords and two peopl efighting too...also the sword through the heart...
    I love them all!

    Thanks for posting Flo!


  5. Wow Flo! you're a really good artist! ^^ i love the one of the rose!

  6. thank you all :) im writing the next post who will it be about :D

  7. For all those who do not know it yet, Kallista is in trouble. She has been told to stop visiting the blogs by her parents, and we need to help her. One of the reasons for this is that they thought she's a bad influence on us.

    GO to your blogs and post a plea to Kallista's parents to let her come on as she did before. Tell them what you think of her and tell them how great she is. Get all the blogs in Blogland posting some such as I have said. I hope they will see it. I don't know that they will, but all we can do is hope and post our thoughts of our dear friend Kallista Pendragon!

    I am doing a round trip and posting this comment on as many blogs as I can reach. But I need you to help. Write up a post, then copy and paste this comment to any blog that I have missed.

    I am sure that at least one time in the past we have been encouraged, complimented or helped out by Kallista. Now it's our turn to give back that favor.

    Once you have completed your post, head down to the Bio-Rama and post a link to it in the comments section of the latest post.

  8. Wow Florence!!
    These are brilliant!! You're an awesome artist!
    I love the angel, and the rose, and all the others too!! :D