Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Wednesday 27th April 2011 So Much To Say Yet So Little Time

Firstly thank-you all for reading my new blog and I have missed every single one of you.
Jaffa -
Ryah says good luck and that song writing isnt as hard as you think it might be. All you need to do is find something that you like, enjoy or think about often. Then you write a couple of words down and try to link them all up. Then you just 'go with the flow' and BANG a song. She also says dont put too much into it cause then the song will get boring.

Alexander -
I have missed everyone too greatly, and I dont know what has came over me to just ignore everyone and everything and just leave without saying so. Its probably cause I like mysteries too much. I really do hope that everyone hasn't missed me too much and so I returned, proudly and unaware of the chaos I have corrupted. (I actually sound wise for once)

Lizzy -
Russia is ... Hot and sunny, there aren't any shadows for me to hide in and there is still snow everywhere. Crazy right? Russians like fun..and assassins. But they seriously do know how to party. Russia is also very picturesque (some green fields, a bush or two, some rocks remaining from a castle that once stood proudly, and some trees - very eco-friendly I should say) There are also many statues of leaders (Stalin and his crew) To conclude this place id very historic and old looking but you can have fun to!

Kallista -
Reading your stories is an honour I say, and as I do Arctic Monkeys will jump around the screen but I will fight them off. FIGHT THEM I WILL I TELL YOU. Its also fabulous to see you to and I am over joyed that you have still put me in your story all though I have left without exactly telling you. It makes me feel weird inside *shudders* I haven't realised that if I left others would leave to and now I am getting that feeling again. I also promise on the lime green socks Octaboona likes to wear while he dances that I will write some fanfic and I haven't deleted the blogs I was being extremely clever and i hid them from you all MWAHAHAHAHA!!! I also promise that i will talk to you soon. VERY soon in-fact and then we can fight ginger dolphins together and dance to the doctor theme song.

Octaboona -
I agree it is great when old friends return, and i have really loved that poem so much that i printed out a copy and stuck it on my wall. (Hope you dont mind) I still need to get to know you but talking to you was fun and i hope we can talk more.

Dragona -
I have missed you too tall one and I haven't forgotten any of our conversations, no matter how weird. I still dont know what your favourite colour is so you have to tell me that. And i still can't believe Manchester United lost to Chelsea .... and that's me getting kinda carried away. Dragona its good to know that you are still on this blog. I don't really know what I expected but all seems well. How are the tangerines? There are thousands here. Plus I promise that I will have a Pie fight with you :)

And a little riddle thing that not even science can answer, to make you think about for a really long time without success. I expect an answer and the one who is closest gets the next blog dedicated to them and them only.

How do you find something when you dont know what you are looking for?

Florence over and out *bows*


  1. Flo, my favourite colour is blue (weird considering I support Manchester United) and I can't believe they lost either!
    The tangerines... they're full of tangerineness as per usual :P

    Is the answer to the riddle look in the most obvious place possible?

  2. With open eyes, an open mind, and an open heart... and not thinking about it too hard. ;-)

    Hi Flo! I don't really know you, but everyone is pleased you're back, so so am I. :-)

  3. FLO! SO glad you liked my fanfic. I saw you are going to write again too! I CAN'T WAIT!!!
    It's so good to have you back!

  4. I also want to get to know you better.

    That's now two people who put my poems on their walls :D