Monday, 18 April 2011

Monday 18th April - New week New Start

Ok i have had many blogs before on many different websites telling stories and stuff but i never actually had a blog about me and what happens.... so i decided to do that now why not?

My name is Alli Black, and this blog will basically be about anything and everything. I like drawing and writing stories that are boring. Teachers dislike me.. in-fact they hate me, call me a rebel and stuff. I go to a school run by nuns and a monk, called Brother Michael (Bro Mich) and everyone thinks he is a pedo, due to many reasons. And thats my little introduction.

New Starts

A new start is usually classified as a wrong thing because it means that something had to end beforehand, but everything has to end eventually, that's life. This blog is a new start for me because i haven't actually written this type of blog before and it might actually work out. My friend Ryah wants to get into song writing and so she wrote a song for this blog (please dont laugh) here are the ... 'lyrics'

My life was good
But then it changed,
And it isn't good now,
In fact its bad.

Oh my life sucks
It has all changed
I cannot think
Not even for a second X2

My life has changed,
And its getting better,
but then a new challenge,
Ruins it all.

Oh my life sucks
It has all changed
I cannot think
Not even for a second X2

Then challenge i complete,
And I am back to normal,
Life has never better,
But I want a change.

One day i might actually record her singing this and post it on aswell, but i dont think that she will agree. but change can also be good dont you think? A new story can always be better then the last one. A new horse can be faster than the old one. A new friend can always be funnier than the one that had to leave. Change can always be a good thing and its you who decides what type of change it is.

My new blog is a little different ITS BLUE and i put the little chat thing in it cause its more amusing. This is probably the shortest post I will do and I am already thinking about what to write next. (ideas are accepted)

Thanks for reading
Florence Black proud founder of all weird, dark, gloomy, and a tad bit crazy things.

Now i have to revise for a maths test until next time!


  1. Cool blog. Tell your friend she's an awesome songwriter. I'm trying to write a song but I keep getting writers block :/ anyway, great blog! :P

  2. The mighty flo is back, we all missed you, especially dragona...

  3. FLO!!! *glomps* it's great to hear from you again! WE'VE ALL MISSED YOU SO MUCH! What's Russia like?

  4. FLO!!!
    It's wonderful to see you again. :)
    I like your new blog. I hope your life does not really suck though. If it does then I hope it gets better fast!
    I can't tell you enough how great it is to have you back!
    I have not written much fanfic while you were gone. When you left, some others left too and with all of you gone I just could not write.
    I finally posted fanfic 10. You are in it. You are in the last one too I believe. I don't you read the last two. Would be honoered if you would.
    Are you going to write more fanfic?

    Well anyhow....WELCOME BACK FLO!!!!


    It's always great when old friends return.

  6. Whoa! I just saw you delteted your awesome old blog!
    *glares crazily at Flo*

    Really loved your stories.



    So now I'm flollwing this one too!

  7. It's good to hear from you again Flo. I've missed you :D